Online Movie Database (IMdB) says that Paul are matchmaking model/actress James King

Girlfriend:Walker, which life on a sailboat together with his gf and two-year outdated daughter, Meadow, in addition seemingly have a traditional surfer’s relaxed mindset alive.

They going internet dating regarding the collection of Varsity Blues (she got an additional)

Through because of this info.: Paul try definitly perhaps not dating Tara Reid. The woman is seeing Heath Ledger (inside months release of US regular) also Paul mentions in a job interview with E! (about his new film joyride) that he have a reliable sweetheart and she isnt inside busniess so he can best declare that her first name is Michelle. Paul might viewed around with celebrity Tara Reid (United states Pie, Josie & The snatch kitties. officially engaged to Carson Daly) plus the two is apparently online dating (9/). We have found a collage of photos taken of those lately in Austrailia:

(7/2/01)owing to Cin because of this information: “I imagined I would personally show you that in the parece King is actually online dating a rising actor called Jake Gyllenhaal maybe not Paul. Anyhow I imagined i might determine ya.” Note: IMdB has taken that off their internet site.(7/)

I love to simply take photographs

He was internet dating satisfaction Ellis for awhile. She resides and visits college or university in Texas. As much as I learn they may nevertheless be together, but we heard which they split. Since last summer these people were however along, that article introduction. demonstrates:

“Paul, a surfer son in your mind, requires every thing with a whole grain of sand. The sports 27-year-old celebrity has just breezed into an offbeat diner in L.A.,accompanied by Bliss, a fairly blonde who disappear within a few minutes. Clad in a T-shirt, mesh shorts and shoes, Paul seems like an off-duty United states Eagle Outfitters unit. He is friendly,but it’s an excellent summer time day while get the specific impact that the Southern Ca born-and-raised guy would prefer to be doing a great many other affairs in addition to this interview–like, say, surfing, creating their sports vehicle or testing their restrictions at some extreme sport.”

Their child: initially Paul mentioned their daughter, Meadow, was a student in Premiere magazine earlier this season. Right here is the excerpt: “irrespective of their two-year-old girl (by an ex-girlfriend), but Walker’s real love could be the waves.” Since then, he’s got also has said this about getting a dad: “their repeated flick big date littlepeoplemeet pÅ™ihlásit try Meadow, their 2 1/2-year-old child. “Animated videos are actually up my street,” said Walker, exactly who lives in la. To date come early july he is viewed “Shrek” and “Atlantis: The forgotten Empire,” and he provides them with both beneficial evaluations.”

“i am into getting a dad, that’s where my focus is actually in most cases. I am an actor that is my personal task, but it is perhaps not my entire life. I have many more interests as well. I am into ceramics. “

Paul regarding various other Actresses: “[On online dating stars] I won’t handle all of them. They scare me. I have found several I respect, like LeeLee Sobieski. I like Selma Blair alot, also. Marley Shelton is actually nice. On the surface, a good many girls look super-confident plus they bring themselves that way. But, underneath, you see an individual who’s truly vulnerable and insecure because this buisness puts men throught the ringer. Those things they hear about by themselves actually determine them. I feel for them, but We dont know if i will handle all of them.”

Q: What do you imagine when Leelee acknowledged their naked human anatomy in a Movieline interview soon after she completed filming Squelch with you? A: “I became flattered- specially coming from Leelee. I really like their alot. Afterwards tale arrived on the scene, we all of a sudden finished up starting reshoots for Squelch so there got a touch of awkardness in the beginning, but we went right up to the woman and hugged the girl sayin’, “thank-you SOO Much!!” we thanked the lady possibly a hundred circumstances as it was actually excellent. I love the woman. Everythings blown up on her behalf and that I wish she remains how she is. She actually is got an effective at once this lady shoulders.”